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Repairing your cavity wall insulation damage
Repairing your cavity wall insulation damage

If you're affected, you're not alone - it's a widespread problem:

Cavity wall insulation 'a scandal', says MP (more)

Call for Wales-wide cavity wall survey (more)

Source: BBC News

Have you had cavity wall insulation installed, but they've done it badly and now you've got problems?

Damp patches; black mould; bad smells; peeling wallpaper; plaster coming off walls and ceilings...

The effects of badly installed cavity wall insulation can be horrendous. It can ruin your quality of life - not to mention your and your family's health, especially from harmful mould spores.

We'll restore your home to its former condition as if the damage never happened

• We'll repair all the damage - properly to a high standard
• Done by accredited surveyors and quality tradespeople
• Supervised by a dedicated project manager

Our lawyers will track down the responsible party and force them to pay, so you'll never have to put your hand in your pocket.

Even if the installer has now gone out of business, we can still help.

This claim is all about properly investigating who's responsible, correcting their shoddy workmanship, repairing your home and restoring your quality of life. So the money recovered from the responsible party in a successful claim will be spent on doing this.

However, this is, technically, a compensation claim where the at-fault party is obliged to pay for all the damage caused. Therefore you can, if you choose, take the money instead of getting the repair work done. You will be given this choice as part of our lawyers advising you properly on your rights.

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Do you have any black mould anywhere? Yes No
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